Suffering Jets: Where the Players Play

Here’s the deal. I am far too sick to actually put in the time it takes to give this week’s triumph over Atlanta the post it deserves. Instead, because something needs to be posted, I’m going to just post my unedited notes that I took while watching the game unfold. (The first paragraph and the intro are the only things fully developed, and there is nothing about the upcoming game against the Steelers (which the Jets have a real good shot at winning, as the Steelers have been miserable thus far, though it will be a challenge going on short rest against a team coming off a bye.)) I hope that I’ll be able to update this with a full post in the future. Enjoy!(?)

Welcome to Atlanta where the playas play
And we ride on them things like every day
Big beats, hit streets, see gangsta’s roamin’
And parties dont stop til’ eight in the mornin’

Dupri 20:02

Week 5

When it comes to predicting the fortunes of your favorite team, as always, I’m glad to be wrong. Contrary to the thoughts of many, the Jets beat the the Atlanta Falcons, in Atlanta, on Monday Night Football, with a rookie quarterback, who had turned the ball over four times the previous week. I mean, people were so impressed they gave Geno Smith AFC Player of the Week in a week where Peyton Manning threw for over 400 yards and his Denver Broncos scored 51 points.

The jets defensive front needs a nickname

All my Jets doubters are here on Monday Night
All my Jets defenders are here on Roddy White!

Tony Gonzalez: 200th straight game with a catch

Missed potential pick 6 by Walls who has walls for hands, but blocked punt by Antonio Allen. The no pint returner set actually paid off

Jeff Cumberland catches the ball bobbles it into the air and then makes a great catch of it

Only the Jets’ 7th red zone trip in 57 drives. 4th and 1 were going to go for it maybe, get delay of game, Nick Folk chip shot

Another weird fumble play as roddy white makes a catch fumbles it, and Julio jones picks it up for some extra yardage

Atlanta has one of the worst red zone offenses in the league, so naturally they score on their first trip down there

Local tv reference: I was happy to see the return of the rapping Gary’s Gutter service commercial

Clyde Gates had the chance to have a huge kick off return but got tackled by the kicker. Guy can’t catch a break

Everything was going so well, but they were almost too clever with multiple personnel that they

Beautiful touchdown pass to Jeff C on 3rd and 11 after a dumb illegal substitution penalty knocked them seemingly out of touchdown range
But smith put it right where it needed to be

Sheldon! Great sack on 3rd down with falcons deep in their own territory

Cumberland playing amazing. Quick touchdown to Kerley on the next play, torching the inexperienced Falcons secondary so far

Smith 8/9 for 134 and 2 touchdowns about halfway through the 2nd

Pass interference in the end zone to prolong a falcons drive with 1 second left. Jets goal line stand to go into the half

Umenyiora sack untouched.

Falcons drive down the field. Lots of passes to Gonzalez who is rather uncoverable. Jacquizz runs it in

Jets having trouble getting going in 2nd half

Wilkerson blows past the line and strips Ryan, Jets recover, in very good field position, immediately sacked on the next play for a huge loss, jets come away with a field goal, worth it

After a great punt return by Kerley, horse collar tackle on the punter Matt Bosher, who was so pumped h got up and knocked over a coach on the jets sideline. Puts the jets in good field position again

My enemy Kellen Winslow with a TD catch to put the Jets up 27-14 following the extra point with 12 minutes to play

Another great falcons drive leading to another Rodgers rushing touchdown

Another killer sack by Osi to force a 3rd and long, Jets have too many in the huddle again, 3rd and 17, of course you run a screen to Kerley. Atlanta gets ball back with about 5:40 left

Ticky tack offensive pass interference call, followed by Jones making an unbelievable one handed left hand catch while being interfered with. Walls misses another int, continues to have Wall hands. Convert 4th down to Tony, natch

Fujckckck. They keep calling these stupid vices on Gonzalez and giving the falcon more shots in the red zone. (Though I saw no actual hold on this one) Levine Toilolo scores

With under 2 to get down the field and kick a field goal

Stephen Hill apparently not out with a concussion. Another pass for another first to Kerley another to Hill, scramble for a first. Trying to get into field goal range. Ballsy run call, Powell squeaks by Babineaux putting them in better field goal range. 44 yard game winner. I’m pumped.

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