Suffering Jets: Prospering Bengals

Since there is nothing to say about the Jets’ performance against the Bengals, I’m instead going to feature something by my cousin Stanley who, rather coincidentally, writes about the Bengals. It was originally posted on his blog I’ll Bengal For Ya. Take it away:

Before I get into the Bengals’ performance this week, let me first apologize for my comments last week. In no way did I intend to offend the Inuit people when I made that joke about Mike Nugent’s kicking technique and I am whole-heartedly sorry if it upset you.

Now, I wasn’t too sure how things were going to shake out in this game when Josh Cribbs, a player more known for his returning skills, made a tackle on the opening kickoff. But me-wow, did these Cincinnati Bengals ever hand it to those New York Jets.

Once that first drive got going, there was no looking back. In ten plays (with a little help from a pass interference call on Antonio Cromartie) Cincy marched down the field, culminating in Andy Dalton completing a nine yard pass to Marvin Jones for the touchdown. This is even more impressive considering the Bengals were facing an early 3rd and long situation, but were able to convert against a Jets defense that is stout, yet always seems like it has trouble stopping teams on third down.

Cincy’s defense forced a quick three and out for the Jets, after which the offense sped down the field on just seven plays before Dalton completed a pass to Jermaine Gresham for another touchdown. Just like that, the Bengals are up 14-0 and a weird feeling sets in that this one might already be over. At this point, it should be obvious where things are heading.

Andy Dalton and his receiving corp completely picked apart the Jets secondary. Especially Dee Milliner. If you’re a Jets fan, you can’t exactly be happy with the production out of your rookie cornerback, who was taken with the ninth overall pick in the draft and who was supposedly as NFL ready as they come. Dalton was able to complete four passes for an astounding 108 yards throwing at the rookie corner, forcing him to be benched, the second time he’s been benched for poor play already. Even that could not help the Jets however, as soon after, Marvin Jones caught another touchdown while defended by Milliner’s replacement, Darrin Walls.

Dalton actually ended up playing so well, that he didn’t even need to play the fourth quarter to cement that he played so well. In total, he completed 19 of his 30 passes, which is a pretty good percentage. But you’ll absolutely take that percentage every time when those 19 passes go for 325 yards and five touchdowns, four to Marvin Jones alone. New York would not be happy giving up five touchdowns to any team, but allowing four of them to one guy? While the Jets defensive front is great (hell, lineman Muhammad Wilkerson recorded the one interception for them) play like this from their secondary has to be giving everyone, from the fans to the coaches, nightmares. For those of us supporting a team that is improving every week and seems like it can go places, the good fortune was not limited to the offensive side of the ball.

Geno Smith is gaining a bit of a reputation for turning the ball over and his performance against these Bengals only reinforced that. Smith added two more interceptions to his season total, which sits at a cushy 13 (versus only eight touchdowns.) And to boot, both got returned for Bengals touchdowns, an extra large cat-sized claw to the face of the Jets’ pride. Then there is the first ever recorded Geno (Atkins) on Geno (Smith) sack, one of Cincinnati’s four sacks of the young Jets quarterback. They even kept the Jets rushing game in check. The Jets leading rusher could only accumulate 35 yards. Can you guess who that leading rusher was? Matt Simms, the backup quarterback. All in a day’s work for this Bengals team that looked rather purrfect on Sunday and has good odds to keep rolling against the AFC East when they play the Miami Dolphins this week.

On the other paw, the New York Jets home against the 6-1 New Orleans Saints, a team I’m comfortable saying has just a little bit more offensive fire power than these Bengals. If a quarterback as good as Andy Dalton can put up huge numbers, imagine what Drew Brees, one of the all-time greats, can do to this Jets secondary.

I am glad my loyalties lay where they do.


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