Jeremy Reviews Subway Ads: Pod Save America

The New York City subway system is lousy with advertisements. This is one of them:

Pod Save America, a four-part HBO special version of the podcast of the same name, focused on the rapidly approaching midterm elections. The hosts are Jon Favreau (not that one,) Jon Lovett (not to be confused with that one,) and two other white guys with names that aren’t confusingly identical or similar to that of semi-notable actors. Anyway…

Pod Save America subway ad

Pod Save America? Buddy, if a podcast couldn’t solve a simple decades-old murder case, how in the hell is a podcast going to save this stupid country?

Rating: 1.5 Crying Bald Eagles/10

In all seriousness though, please don’t forget to vote on November 6. It’s a very important election, even though we aren’t voting for the next President. Consider donating here to a handful of Senate candidates who, while not necessarily perfect, are not ghouls that will actively try to kill you, everyone you love, and everyone else, while lining their own pockets.

/End of political content.


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