Jeremy Reviews Subway Ads: Halloween

The New York City subway system is lousy with advertisements. This is one of them:

Halloween, a new entry into the storied horror franchise, in which Michael Myers returns home again 40 years later to wreak havoc, again. You would think — due to this being like the 35th Halloween movie — that that should read “wreak havoc, again again again…” etc., etc., so on and so forth. But, this Halloween is actually a direct sequel to Halloween that ignores everything else in the Halloween series, including Halloween. Following? Good.

Advertisement for Halloween

The color contrast. Those black, dead eyes. That mask bearing the scars of both the events of 40 years ago, and the mental anguish of the monster who wears it. Guys, am I Laurie Strode hiding in a closet in 1978 right now? Because I am spooked!

Rating: 8 Michael Myers dressed like a bedsheet ghost with glasses/10

Happy Halloween! As a special holiday addendum to the review of the advertisement, I also award the same rating to the John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, and Daniel Davies score for the movie. Check that thing out.

Stay safe out there, and hey, who knows, maybe we’ll see each other back here in a year or two for a subway ad review of Halloween II! (Not to be confused with Halloween II or Halloween II.)

Michael Myers wearing a bedsheet with glasses



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