And now, a review of the “Mad About You” subway advertisement

The New York City subway system is lousy with advertisements. This is one of them:

Mad About You, a peak 90s television series that is getting a revival that I don’t think anyone truly asked for. (These things keep popping up, don’t they? What’s next, more “Dharma & Greg?” At least they didn’t call it “Madder About You.” Hopefully that “the old show but new” naming convention ended with Fuller House” and “Girl Meets World.” If not though, I anxiously await things like “4th Rock from the Sun,” “Caroline in the Suburbs,” and “Wings but everyone is having less fun because it’s set in an airport and we live in a post-9/11 world.”) Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt return as Paul and Jamie Buchman.

Very excited to watch “Mad About You” a new limited series event, exclusively on my premium cable channel Spectrum Originals, which I have because I’m a Pell Grant Recipient who started and operated a business in a disadvantaged community for three years.

Man, this would have been such a better post back in July when Kamala Harris announced her student loan debt plan. Remember that? Alas, we must play the hand we are dealt. Or in this case, we must make the outdated references we can think of when deciding to do something like write a review of something we see plastered up in a subway station that advertises a questionable TV show revival. Anyway…

Rating: 4.0 crippling student loan debt probably prevents many from subscribing to more than one — if any — streaming service, let alone pay for an entire cable package just to access Spectrum Originals, while on the other hand the people who loved this show when it was on the air in the 90s won’t understand how to access Spectrum Originals or even know they have it, so I ask, “who is the audience here?”/10


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