Hello. My name is Jeremy Klein, and I’m a writer. That isn’t something I always thought I would end up calling myself. At various points in my life I have wanted to be a cartoonist, a marine biologist, a drummer, and Second Baseman for the New York Yankees. At any rate, here we are, at my blog.

If you like clever, irreverent and original (among other adjectives) thoughts on topics that range from vinyl records, to the New York Jets, to the middling HBO drama Game of Thrones, I hope you will stick around, and that we will become best friends through the power of words. That would be awesome. If none of those topics sound appealing, I hope you will at least read some of the posts on here and have a reaction of, “Well, I don’t necessarily ‘get’ what he’s talking about, but I can tell that it has a distinct voice and is well-written.” That would be equally as awesome.

You can also read some of the writing I have done elsewhere, for the websites No Coast Bias and Tiny Mix Tapes. If you’re curious what my voice sounds like, take a listen to my music podcast Strictly Butter.

Here’s a recent self-portrait of me:


And if you were just looking for the lyrics to the Pavement song “Fight this Generation” 1) I’m sorry. 2) Let me help you out. 3) Pretty cool though that this blog is one of the top results for that Google search, huh?


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