Fiscal Jer 2015: Q4 Report



Oh hey! It is March 2016, but I still never told you about what I was into during the fourth quarter of 2015. This one is on me, guys. That is my bad. Between doing tons and tons of work for that podcast I mentioned last time (yeah, it is still happening!) and wanting to do absolutely nothing anytime I was not working on the podcast, I never got around to writing this. (Also, I wrote out a draft for this about a week ago, and kind of just forgot about it. That too is my bad.) The mission was to periodically write about what I was interested in over the entire year of 2015. So, nearly one quarter of the way through 2016, please accept this report (two sections of which are just glorified hyperlinks, making this the laziest entry by far) for Q4 of the 2015 Fiscal Jer. Continue reading “Fiscal Jer 2015: Q4 Report”

Fiscal Jer 2015: Q2 Report

It was a long, cold spring, but we made it. Another three months of the year are already, somehow gone, lost to the cruelest mistress of all: TIME. All that we have left of them are the memories of the things we enjoyed while they were still here. Here’s your Quarter 2 Report for the 2015 Fiscal Jer. Continue reading “Fiscal Jer 2015: Q2 Report”

Let’s Kristalk Porzingis

“With the fourth pick, in the 2015 NBA draft, the New York Knicks select: Kristaps Porzingis…” My heart sank. 17 wins last year, and with their highest draft pick in decades, a pick that could set the course of the franchise for years to come, the Knicks take Kristaps Porzingis? He’s the one guy I didn’t want! He’s a completely unknown quantity! What if he’s the next Bargnani? We’re basing our entire evaluation of him as a top talent on one workout where he played against a chair!

Yet, there went ESPN’s panel, talking like he has the skills to be the next Dirk Nowitzki, as if Dirk Nowitzki wasn’t a once in a lifetime talent, future Hall of Famer, NBA Champion, MVP, one of the greatest scorers in league history. The message is clear: he has the potential to be great, but the Knicks won’t even begin to see a return on their investment for two to three yearsContinue reading “Let’s Kristalk Porzingis”

Suffering Jets: The Year 2 Summation/Preview Post


Hello again, let’s get right down to it. This season, I don’t want the burden of having to worry about taking notes, trying to remember what happened in certain sequences, and how to spin all those notes and memories into a cohesive message that is informative, analytical and humorous, while watching Jets games. So, this will sadly be the only thing I write about the New York Jets this year. Maybe I’ll check back in at the end of the year for some closing thoughts, or maybe even during the year if something really crazy goes down. But as far as a weekly anthology of observations goes, eh, don’t bank on it. Feel free to have a moment of silence, or to pour one out for me during this week’s games. Anyway…


When we last met our heroes, they were rejoicing over an 8-8 season, a record that far exceeded any expectations. If you will recall, even I, in my infinite wisdom, thought that that team only had four wins max in them. Yet, Geno Smith (mostly behind a great defense) was able to be just not bad enough to steal a few wins. He was truly the Mark Sanchez of this generation. Continue reading “Suffering Jets: The Year 2 Summation/Preview Post”