Suffering Jets: The Pitts

New York Jets football giveth and New York Jets football taketh away. And in one game, all that was done against Atlanta is forgotten. It’s back to, “still a rookie” for Geno Smith, who was back to turning the ball over at inopportune times. We Jets fans flew too close to the sun of misguided temporary joy, only to have our wings melted by it and crash back hard to the planet of realistic expectations.

It came down to what it always comes down to when the Jets play the Steelers, except the Steelers were 0-4 coming in, so it hurts more than usual. New York got beat up by the Pittsburgh defense (who I’m pretty sure have been running the same scheme since 1974) and allowed way too many third down conversions to the Pittsburgh offense. The end result was not a total surprise, with the hungry, winless Steelers coming in off a bye week, but any loss where the opposition only hangs 19 points on you is still rough. Continue reading “Suffering Jets: The Pitts”