Suffering Jets: The Year 2 Summation/Preview Post


Hello again, let’s get right down to it. This season, I don’t want the burden of having to worry about taking notes, trying to remember what happened in certain sequences, and how to spin all those notes and memories into a cohesive message that is informative, analytical and humorous, while watching Jets games. So, this will sadly be the only thing I write about the New York Jets this year. Maybe I’ll check back in at the end of the year for some closing thoughts, or maybe even during the year if something really crazy goes down.┬áBut as far as a weekly anthology of observations goes, eh, don’t bank on it. Feel free to have a moment of silence, or to pour one out for me during this week’s games. Anyway…


When we last met our heroes, they were rejoicing over an 8-8 season, a record that far exceeded any expectations. If you will recall, even I, in my infinite wisdom, thought that that team only had four wins max in them. Yet, Geno Smith (mostly behind a great defense) was able to be just not bad enough to steal a few wins. He was truly the Mark Sanchez of this generation. Continue reading “Suffering Jets: The Year 2 Summation/Preview Post”

Suffering Jets: Fin.

We made it, everybody!

Due to being on a seven hour car ride, I did not see the last Jets game live. Over two weeks later, I still haven’t watched it. And, I don’t really feel that I need to. The New York Jets: 20, The Miami Dolphins: 7. That’s all I really need to know. Anything else will tarnish the perspective that that is the most beautiful thing ever. Continue reading “Suffering Jets: Fin.”

Suffering Jets: #SaveRex

And then in Week 16, the New York Jets beat the Cleveland Browns, securing what was probably their best win of the season, as always seems to be the case every time they win (especially in relation to those horrendous losses that they had been alternating wins with earlier in the year.)

Geno Smith, having seemingly grasped the game of professional football yet again, completed 20 of his 36 passes for 214 yards and two touchdowns AND ran one in himself, to boot. Isn’t everyone glad the Jets decided to stick with him for the rest of the season? With a full off-season to work and the knowledge that he is this team’s starter, Smith can hopefully become a much more consistent quarterback going forward. Additionally, in a shocking turn of events, Dee Milliner came to play. Continue reading “Suffering Jets: #SaveRex”


After weeks of skirting around the issue of this team being consistently inconsistent, followed by consistently bad, they finally had a quality game in Week 14. A win, no less, even if it was against the Oakland Raiders, who we now know would go on to give up 56 to Kansas City. Basically, they’re not a great defense, so why should we care (especially more than a week after the fact)? Continue reading “Suffering Jets: MULTIPLE WEEKS COVERAGE!!!”