Suffering Jets

A journey into hope, heartbreak, and potential hilarity with a dedicated (but realistic) New York Jets fan during the team’s 2013-14 season.


Week -1: Introduction to the Idea of a Weekly Blog on the 2013-14 New York Jets

Week 0: Predicting the Season Ahead

Week 1: An Inconceivable Win

Week 2: A Conceivable Loss

Week 3: To Buffalo the Buffalo Bills

Week 4: Tennessee is the only Ten I See

Week 5: Game Notes of a Physically Ill Man

Week 6: Down in the Pitts

Week 7: We’re Still Not Here to Kiss Belichick’s Rings

Week 8: I’ll Bengal for Ya 

Week 9: Win Stealin’ Sonofaguns

Week 10: Fantasy Football Bye Week Interlude

Week 11: They Get Knocked Down…

Week 12 …And Don’t Get Back Up Again

Week 13: All I Want for Christmas is You (in which “You” is a consistent quarterback)

Weeks 14 and 15: Double Coverage

Week 16: Save Our Rex

Week 17: Fin

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